Sunday, September 23, 2012

TA DA....NOW THE WORK REALLLY BEGINS! are the 15 quilts! All that is left is getting the tops ready for quilting.  They all still need borders and some will be larger.  The quilting will be by hand for some and machine quilting and hand quilting for the others...a combo I am working on to speed  things along!  Some are gifts for the holidays and they are being worked on first...hey, I have time!  :)

The fall updates have begun to happen. Four quilts are being machine quilted and getting ready for the Pompanoosuc Furniture Sale where they will feature quilters and their works are for sale there!  Thanx to Joanne...things will get done!!!  Four and counting!  Photos of course will be happening once the pieces are Oct 20!  Ahhh!


  1. Rose, this looks good. You are really getting the hang of this. I can see your scrap booking influence coming into play with your layouts. Fantastic! Keep going!

    1. Thanx Margaret...blogging is sooo much fun! A great way to see in print all the things we have been working on and what direction we are heading!!