Monday, October 22, 2012

MY STUDIO is a rectangle space that goes the whole width of the house.  When we first moved landlord said there was just NO WAY I was going to get all that stuff into this one room...I said "watch me" and a few weeks later he saw the results...he just shook his head...hey, a quilter knows how to make room for the essentials of sewing!  I use a classroom stations.  This is half of the room space.  My cutting area and storage under table...of course.
 This is the closet area...yes, for fabric..and I have pictures of the doors opened...but will hold off on that one for awhile.  One thing about taking photos of our work spaces...really shows what our family sees!!  The closets came in a box that you put together and have done ok for 20+ years.  My book area is on top and of course more storage on top of the closets! You can see a snippet of the iron space and sewing machine is on a table in front of the windows.
This was my HS dresser...and has endured many color changes throughout the years...but still works for storage. The boxes are upholstery boxes...from book samples that I took apart.  A green idea.  My victorian pcs have such fabrics.  Oh..the fan...the big M flashes...!
 The things I love about this the space... and windows.  On a sunny day it is warm and bright!  The door goes to the outside and I can spread quilt tops on the grass.  Hey, I use every space I can get to work on!!  This summer there was a tent outside the studio door and where I took apart all those upholstery books...the mess was outside!  It is also where working with fabric paints and dyes work the best!

 This is the other half of the room.  My hand quilting frame and more upholstery boxes behind the wall
This looks like nothing...but it is my scrapbooking table and space...working on 8 albums now. I usually do this after the Holidays...for a few months...just scrapbooking.  The sewing area is closed during that time.  Really helps to focus on this station and get photos in order...the stuff before digital.  Every quilter has music in their space and the small dressers hold...guess......
scrapbooking stuff.  I did not go wild with that stuff ...just enough to get this big project done!

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